Kenneth AlnessKenneth Alness formed ThermoSeed Global AB in 2016 and acquired all rights to ThermoSeed® from the Dutch company Incotec AB. In January 2018, Lantmännen BioAgri acquired 90 percent stake of ThermoSeed Global AB. Lantmännen BioAgri develop and market ThermoSeed® in Scandinavia and ThermoSeed Global develops and markets ThermoSeed® outside Scandinavia.

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“ThermoSeed is a very powerful tool for high-quality sustainable seeds, responding to our high industrial and agronomic demands. We started with two production lines with ThermoSeed in 2012 and completed our strategy by adding the third one in 2017. It’s a very concrete way of reducing the environmental impact and adding product value also in conventional agriculture, without compromising farmers’ productivity and profits”.

– Bjørn Stabbetorp, Felleskjøpet Agri

Foto © Mårten Svensson

The history – in short

1993 | The ThermoSeed® technology was initiated and developed by research projects at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science in Uppsala (SLU)

1998 | Company founded in Uppsala and first patent was filed.

2003 | First demonstration machine (1 ton/h) was installed.

2005 | Development of a first large-scale ThermoSeed® equipment (15 ton/h)

2008 | Lantmännen installs a 15 ton/h ThermoSeed® equipment in Skara and starts commercial production on large scale

2010 | Incotec aquires 100% of their joint venture

2012 | The Norwegian cooperative Felleskjøpet installs two ThermoSeed® machines with a capacity of 15 ton/h each

2014 | Lantmännen installs in Eslöv a second 15 ton/h machine. RiceTec Inc. starts treating rice seeds with a 2 ton/h ThermoSeed® equipment in the USA.

2016 | Kenneth Alness founded the company ThermoSeed Global AB which acquired all IP rights, staff, equipment and contracts from the Dutch company Incotec AB.

2017 | Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU) appointed ThermoSeed as the best innovation

2018 | Lantmännen BioAgri acquired 90% stake of ThermoSeed Global AB

2019 | Two new ThermoSeed® machines were installed in France