• Competitive alternative to chemical seed treatment in conventional agriculture
  • Very high efficiency against seedborne pathogens
  • Crop yield levels equivalent to chemical seed treatments
  • Full compliance with organic farming rules
  • Outstanding vigor of germinating plants
Thermoseed diagram

Effect on Tilletia caries in wheat, field trials 2011-2014

Thermoseed diagram

Excellent control of fungal pathogens

Crop Pathogen Disease EffectTS
Wheat Tilletia caries common bunt +
Stagonospora nodorum leaf and glume blotch +
Ustilago tritici loose smut
Fusarium spp. +
Fusarium culmorum snow mold +
Microdochium nivale +
Claviceps purpurea ergot +
Barley Drechslera graminea leaf stripe +
Drechslera teres net blotch +
Bipolaris sorokiniana +
Fusarium spp. +
Ustilago nuda loose smut
Ustilago hordei covered smut +*
Rye Fusarium spp. (+)
Michrodochium nivale snow mold (+)
Urocytis occulta stem smut +*
Triticale Fusarium spp. (+)
Michrodochium nivale snow mold (+)
Stagonospora (Septoria) (+)
Oats Drechslera avenae leaf spot +
Fusarium spp. +
Fusarium graminearum +
Ustilago avenae loose smut +
Rice Magnaporthe grisea +
Cochliobolus miyabeanus +
Gibberella fujikuroi +
Aphelenchoïdes besseyi white tip nematode +
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+ = Effects equivalent to, or better than, conventional seed treatment
(+) = Positive effects but not always fully equivalent with the best conventional seed treatment
– = Limited effect
* = Limited experience

Suitable for many types of crops

Crop/th> Pathogen Effect of Thermoseed®
Alfalfa Ditylenchus dipsaci III1)
Bean Colletotrichum lindemuthianum III
Cabbage/brassicas Alternaria brassicicola II
Xanthomonas campestris III2)
Chicory Alternaria spp. III
Chickpeas Botrytis cinerea III
Ascochyta spp. II
Carrot Alternaria spp. II – III
Xanthomonas campestris wpv. carotae II2)
Chinese Chive Fusarium oxysporum III
Corn Fusarium spp. II
Flax Alternaria spp. II – III
Botrytis spp. II – III
Fusarium spp. II – III
Hemp Botrytis spp. II
Lamb’s lettuce (corn salad) Phoma valerianellae II
Oilseed rape Phoma lingam III
Onion Botrytis aclada III
Stemphylium II
Parsley Septoria petroselini II – III
Pea Ascochyta pisi II
Fusarium spp. II
Red Clover Phoma medicaginis II
Soybean Alternaria spp. II
Spinach Alternaria II
Cladosporium II – III
Colletotrichum II – III
Fusarium II – III
Phoma II
Stemphylium II – III
Verticillium II – III
Sugar beet Fusarium spp. II
Phoma spp. II
Sunflower Sclerotinia sclerotiorum III
Tomato General M.O (fungi) II
Read the table

I = Good effect
II = full suppression (no pathogens detected)
1) with no negative effect on germination or emergence
2) with a modified variant of ThermoSeed®